How would it feel to have an architect and designer in your pocket? Someone you can rely on for help and advice when you are planning a refresh of your home or when you’re building and extension. Someone who can guide you along the process and give you the tools and the ideas you need to progress your project. That is where Cohn Design can help you. We offer you our online consultation service to talk through what you want to do with your home to make it the cosy place you want it to be. If you are planning a refresh or an extension we can help you through the maze and support you with our knowledge and expertise.


What do I get?

1 ROOM  €499

Colour scheme
Soft furnishings

This package includes

1 Room
1 Zoom consultation

  • Furniture advise
  • Colour scheme
  • Soft furnishings


What do I get?

2 ROOMS €959

Dining  or Living room


En-Suite or Office

This package includes

2 Rooms
2 Zoom Consultations

  • space planning
  • Furniture layout
  • Colour scheme.
  • Furniture schedule
  • 3D sketch layouts





What do I get?

S3 ROOM €1,199

Master Bedroom

This package includes

3 Rooms
3 Zoom Consultations

  • space planning
  • Furniture layout
  • Colour scheme.
  • Furniture schedule
  • Floor plan
  • 3d layouts




What we do?

We will give you the value of our expertise and experience to guide you to the create your perfect renovation or extension to your home.

By showing us your home in the walkthrough that we will do with you, we can advise on various decorative ideas and direct you as to how to achieve those ideas yourself.

In the case of a home extension we can help you navigate the maze, understand what your requirements need to be, and help you to communicate effectively with your contractor. By looking at your drawings with you we can interpret them for you and advise on various aspects of it

What do I need?

  • ZOOM downloaded onto your phone and computer
  • A Smartphone or electronic tablet with a camera attached to facilitate the walk through of your home with our designer
  • A laptop computer or electronic tablet to view websites during the consultation.

Once you make the payment by clicking the button below you will be taken to a page to fill in some essential details about your home. You will also receive a Zoom link for the consultations once you make the payments. If you have any difficulties with this please email us on

Does it matter where I live? 

No, not at all. We work with clients from New York City, to Dublin and Rural Ireland, and across Europe.

We will be communicating in English and all of the consultations are online, so a good broadband connection is helpful.

As an example of a current client, we are working with a lady in New York on a new build. We are able to go through her drawings and advise her where the space needs to be reconfigured in order to fit standard size furniture.