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The 30-60-10 Rule

Perfecting Color Harmony:
The 30-60-10 Rule in Color Selection for Interior Design


In the realm of interior design, color is the secret ingredient that can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re searching for interior design ideas, decorating tips, or keen to stay on top of home decorating trends, understanding the art of color selection is paramount. This is where the 30-60-10 rule steps into the spotlight, guiding us towards creating captivating interiors. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this rule can enhance your decor in both residential and business settings, offering you a DIY home decor strategy that’s sure to impress.



Understanding the 30-60-10 Rule:

The 30-60-10 rule is a principle that interior designers swear by when crafting harmonious color schemes for interiors. It’s versatile, making it suitable for various interior design styles, whether you’re aiming for a minimalist, contemporary, or traditional look.

  1. 30 Percent – Dominant Color:
  2. Think of the dominant color as the star of the show. It sets the tone for your space and should represent your vision or the personality you wish to convey. In interior design, this color can be applied to walls, large pieces of furniture, or even as accents to make a bold statement. Whether you’re into warm earthy tones or cool blues, the dominant color should capture your essence.
  3. 60 Percent – Secondary Color:
  4. The secondary color acts as the perfect companion to your dominant color. It takes up the lion’s share at 60% of the palette, offering a calming and balancing effect. Often used for larger surfaces like flooring, carpets, or curtains, this color plays a pivotal role in grounding your design. It provides a backdrop for your dominant color, allowing it to shine even brighter.
  5. 10 Percent – Accent Color:
  6. The accent color, occupying 10% of your color scheme, is your secret weapon. It adds that pop of excitement to your design. Think throw pillows, artwork, vases, or other smaller decor elements. This is where you can experiment with bolder and contrasting colors, giving your space that unique and dynamic touch.


The Versatility of the 30-60-10 Rule:

This rule works seamlessly with various interior design styles, from the timeless elegance of traditional decor to the sleek lines of contemporary design. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy and rustic atmosphere or a clean and modern look, the 30-60-10 rule allows you to tailor your color palette to suit your personal preferences and the space’s function.

With a keen eye and some experimentation, you can select your color scheme and transform your space with confidence.


In the world of interior design, mastering the art of color selection is essential for creating stunning decor that aligns with the latest home decorating trends. The 30-60-10 rule simplifies the process, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between dominant, secondary, and accent colors. This rule empowers you to bring your interior design ideas to life, creating spaces that reflect your unique style and personality, whether you’re decorating your home or business. Embrace the 30-60-10 rule and witness the magic it can work in your interior design endeavors.