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Get people to post your business on any social media app for FREE!!!

You have a great business!  You love what you do! You get lots of positive feedback!  Butttttttttt, no
one knows how good your company is or how to find you.  Then a really smart friend says to you,
‘Well, you need to use social media to get your company out there”. “No kidding, Brainstorm!”
you think to yourself with a big smile and sarcastic voice.  You are already on Facebook, YouTube,
Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and MooGooBot, yes, the last one was made up but you get
the point.  You are on every app known to mankind. You are one of a billion, doing the same thing
trying to get noticed. ARRRRRGH!!!!! You are doing the best you can and it’s just not easy, constantly
writing content and posting for each app with all its requirements. It’s like having two businesses,
a fulltime social media promotion company and your real company. Does this sound familiar?

Painted Wall Graphic

Urchin Dublin- Photo by @aimeeconnolly_com

Urchin, Dublin, Ireland. Designed by COHN

Okay.  Relax, breath, and stop doing everything yourself. Let’s use social media to your advantage
and get other people to do the work for you for FREE! How?  You can make an impact with the design
of your company. Promote your company through the content and posts of others on social media.
Here are some examples of how these business owners made a bold design statement and made their
company “Photo Active” by inviting people to photograph the exterior or interior of their workspaces.

Window Display (with Post-Its)

Bergdorf Goodman Post-Its Window Display by Martha Stewart

Shop Front Paint & Graphics

Other shop & Darkroom – London UK


Peggy Porschen Parlour: cake shop in London

Super Graphic

ANHALT camera shop front

Shop Front Vinyl Stickers

Pop up store in Metz, France

Bold Interior

Style Club, Dublin, Ireland. Designed by Garry COHN


Style Club, Dublin, Ireland. Designed by Garry COHN